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Kaki Wong Water Treatment Plant begins operation soon

2014-08-06 11:01:28

 Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi told reporters at the site yesterday that the RM114 million project was already 97 per cent completed.

The main structures were already in place and the main components, the machinery in particular were already installed and ready to undergo the test run, Nanta said after he was briefed on the project’s progress by Betong PWD divisional engineer Meehan Jorai and engineer from JKR Saratok, Norwati Mohamad Ali.
“I was told that the plant will start pumping the first intake of raw water on Aug 15 and hopefully it will be ready for commissioning in October, after undergoing about a month of test run,” Nanta said.
The plant, with a production capacity of 25 million litres of water per day, he added, was sufficient to meet the needs of people in Saratok District.
He, however, urged the implementing agencies and the contractor to focus on expediting the production of treated water as their main concern was to solve the water crisis currently faced by the local people.
According to record, the project which started on Jan 18, 2012 was supposed to be completed by
June 1, 2013. Since the contractor failed to beat the scheduled completion date, it was revised to July 31 this year.
Nevertheless, Nanta said he was pleased that the project would be completed very soon. The remaining three per cent of the project yet to be completed were mainly civil works including roads and earthworks.
Asked on the government’s plan to ensure the rural people enjoy treated water, Nanta said many treatment plants were being planned and several were in the process of implementation. The Kaki Wong Treatment Plant, for instance, was planned many years before the current water crisis, but unfortunately it was delayed.
Had it been completed on schedule, the people of Saratok could have been spared the current water crisis.
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