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For the correct understanding of the fungicide

2016-01-26 21:35:24

        We all know that fungicides can be roughly divided into oxidized and non-oxidized.
        Oxidizing biocides is a strong oxidizing microbial enzyme in vivo oxidation and off students. Rather than oxidized it not to kill microorganisms oxidation, but that toxic effects on specific parts of the microbes, thus, it is not water Reduction of substance.
        The most important thing is non-oxidizing biocides minimal harm to the reverse osmosis membrane, which is a large degree of extending the life of the membrane, but the processing cost is relatively high oxidative sterilization algaecide, easy to cause environmental pollution, water easy to produce drug-resistant forms of microorganisms.
        So for the selection of fungicides that you have to see the specific requirements of this industry.

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