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What problems need to be understood to add reverse osmosis scale inhibitor

2016-01-30 19:45:21

        For water treatment chemicals products, in the current process of energy saving and environmental protection, I believe we will not feel strange. But for the vast majority of people speaking, they are not very understanding of the performance of the relevant pharmaceutical products, of course, not to mention the use of the problem. So, in order to reverse osmosis scale inhibitor products, for example, what to need to know what to do when the product is added?
        According to the specialized in the areas of corrosion and scale inhibition agent products R & D and production aspects of the experts pointed out that reverse osmosis antisludging agent can effectively prevent fouling of membrane surface, and iron and aluminum oxide and silicon compounds unite to form insoluble, effectively inhibit the silicon polymerization and deposition, improve production capacity and production quality, reduce operating costs and the products tend to get extensive application. And in order to really play the role of pharmaceutical products, we need to fully understand the following aspects of the problem:
        What are the main components of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor:
        The reverse osmosis scale inhibitors mainly include natural dispersing agent, phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid and phosphoric acid and polymer. They can disperse the insoluble inorganic salts in water, prevent or interfere with the deposition of inorganic salts and scale.
        Two. What is the difference between reverse osmosis scale inhibitor and circulating water scale inhibitor:
        The running environment of the water cycle requires long-term and resistant bacteria can use a lot of polymer dispersant and provide dispersions of suspended solids to increase the scale inhibition effect, volume of water circulation system, open operation, for chemical purity requirements is not high.
        Reverse osmosis antisludging agent due to the short period of time, scale inhibition agent rapidly with the scaling ions, so fast and efficient; also due to the narrow membrane channel, if the polymer dispersing agent will cause greater problems; at the same time scale inhibitor process is concentrated in the surface of the membrane process, if impurities will affect the system's stable operation.
        Three, what is the effect of scale inhibitor concentration:
        The obvious advantage of the high scale inhibitor is that it can reduce the transportation cost. For a single dosage form of scale inhibitor, the higher the concentration of its stable range is narrow, for the complex scale inhibitor, due to the different stability of the single agent range, to increase the concentration of the product is more difficult.
In addition, the higher the concentration of scale inhibitor, the process of storage in the process of producing a change in speed will be accelerated, and the content of the impurity will increase.

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