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Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, the lower the price, the lower the operating cost of reverse osmosis it?

2016-03-19 22:08:33

        Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, the lower the price of the reverse osmosis system, the lower the operating cost of it? In fact, exactly the opposite, a lot of customers are anti penetration and anti scale agent to buy low, but the use of reverse osmosis scale inhibitors are very much, the last to spend more money!
        Phenomenon 1, reverse osmosis system operation is not normal, reverse osmosis membrane fouling, and regular cleaning or replacement, operating costs are high;
        Reason: reverse osmosis scale inhibitor quality is not good, can not be suitable for the present system
        Treatment: the price determines the quality, low price no good goods, it is recommended to replace a good reverse osmosis scale;
        Phenomenon 2, reverse osmosis system normal operation, reverse osmosis scale inhibitor consumption, tons of water treatment agent cost is very high; reverse osmosis inhibitor suppliers tell you dosage was 3ppm (3 g / ton water) and actual reverse osmosis antiscalant dosage is 6 to 10 grams / tons of water.
        Reasons: \ water treatment agent of reverse osmosis antisludging agent content is low, the price is low, can only add, reverse osmosis membrane to fouling; B \ reverse osmosis antisludging agent service provider is not good, without the guidance of customer site dosing pump adjustment and calibration, resulting in reverse osmosis antiscalant waste!
        Under normal circumstances: customer conductance is less than 1000 s of normal water quality, one hour water production of 100 tons of reverse osmosis system for the year 360 days, 24 hours a day running, the consumption of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is not more than 3.5 tons!

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