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Control method of industrial circulating cooling water concentration.

2016-03-23 21:56:02

        The concentration ratio of circulating cooling water is salt content and salt content of the water in the circulating cooling water ratio. The circulating cooling water, can reduce the amount of added water, thus saving water resources; also can reduce the sewage water, thereby reducing the amount of environmental pollution and waste water. In addition, improve the concentration ratio can also save the consumption of water treatment agent, thereby reducing the cost of cooling water treatment. However, too much to improve the concentration ratio of circulating cooling water, the hardness, alkalinity and turbidity increase, scaling tendency of water increases, so that the scale control is difficult; will cause corrosive ions in circulating cooling water, increase the content of corrosive substances, corrosive water increased, thus the corrosion control difficulty increases; too much improve the concentration ratio of pharmaceutical growth will make the residence time in the cooling water system in the hydrolysis, therefore, the cooling water concentration is not the higher the better. In addition, concentration of open circulating cooling water can be controlled by adjusting the amount of supplementary water or sewage water.
        Scaling, corrosion and other difficult problems in the selection of microbial water treatment agent suitable corrosion inhibitor and bactericide can effectively solve the operation of circulating water.

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