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Scale inhibitor - membrane scale inhibitor [concentrate]

2016-04-23 22:43:59

Scale inhibitor
RO membrane scale inhibitor is a kind of high efficient reverse osmosis and scale inhibition / dispersant for the decomposition of a variety of organic matter at high temperature. The use of a broad spectrum of water sources can effectively control the scale formation caused by carbonate, sulfate, silicate, phosphate and iron oxide precipitation in the membrane separation device. The organic compounds in water have good compatibility and dispersion ability, especially suitable for COD high surface water. The scale inhibitor can be used to prolong the cleaning period of the system, and prolong the service life of the membrane element and reduce the running cost.
One Product features
Compatible with ST and other organic flocculants, bactericidal agent, reducing agent, chlorine water
Effective control of carbonate, silicate, sulfate, strontium sulfate, barium sulfate scaling
For the CaCO3 control of LSL is less than or equal to 3
Suitable for all reverse osmosis membranes
The scope of the application of the water pH value 5-9
According to the water quality is generally added: 0.75-2ppm
Two: physical characteristics
Appearance: clear and transparent colorless viscous liquid
Density: 1.48 + 0.02
PH value: 1.5 + 0.05
Freezing point: --15
Viscosity: 2.7CPS (25 C)
Three: the application of scale inhibitors
According to the specifications of the reverse osmosis membrane, water production, control conditions, raw water quality components and hardness and other factors, to calculate the amount of the agent to be added or advisory services on the advice. Generally diluted 30-50 times after the metering pump, the best dosing point for the water supply pipeline or the front end of the high-pressure pump, and determine the full mixing with the water supply.
Operational matters needing attention
Wear latex gloves, protective glasses, protective clothing, if splashed into the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, and quickly visit. To prevent spills on the cement floor so as not to cause corrosion, such as the erosion of the ground immediately rinse with water.

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