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The reverse osmosis sterilization cleaning detergent important price or quality of products?

2016-04-29 21:46:16

         # appearance or money #? Many people have different views, each one airs his own views. After all, ideological differences, thinking logic is different, the answer is not uniform! In short, can not escape the three kinds of answers: money is important; the appearance is important; the two are equally important!

        In short: the pursuit of is that they do not have the external! Or that they want to have been the pursuit of a certain kind of things. Everyone in the envy of others, and everyone else in the envy of others!
        Of course, it is equally applicable to other industries, as well as in the actual situation, including reverse osmosis. As a manufacturer of scale and corrosion inhibitor, fungicide manufacturers, said, engaged in water treatment agent chemical environmental protection industry has a long time in Zaozhuang City, East Tao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., will encounter different types of customers. Just as above, no outside of the three reverse osmosis drug procurement model: first, pay attention to product prices; second, pay attention to product quality; the two also pay attention to.
        Today is not to talk about what kind of concept of wrong, and that is putting the cart before the horse, the focus has been put in the wrong position or should first focus on what? What are the key factors to consider in advance?
        A reverse osmosis sterilization cleaning detergents, pay attention to the price:
        Lee: its own investment to reduce, reduce the cost of procurement;
        Disadvantages: product quality can not be guaranteed, the late failure may soar, hidden dangers occur at any time;
        In short: Although the purchase of reverse osmosis before happy, purchasing and reverse osmosis drugs may be sad;
        Two, pay attention to the reverse osmosis sterilization cleaning detergent quality:
        Lee: avoid late all risks and increase the corresponding economic costs, product quality standards reduce equipment failures later, buy anti osmosis sterilization and washing detergent bought the happy with assured peace of mind;
        Cause economic cost increase;
        In short: if economic costs allow, as far as possible procurement do you think "worth it" products, and product prices are not low, economic cost of inputs, the corresponding can reduce your other aspects of the cost of inputs, such as failure to deal with the consumption of time and energy costs, this still did not add required consume additional cost inputs.
        Three, pay attention to the price and quality of reverse osmosis:
        Lee: because the product quality and consumption to solve the time, energy cost reduction; reduce the probability of failure may occur, to avoid unnecessary failure of the occurrence of the price, the product has a double harvest";
        Disadvantages: the corresponding purchasing economic costs will be slightly increased accordingly;
        In short, the results are the number of indirect forms of response, and any form of reward is the result of the effort! Buy high quality, although there are, but does not guarantee that it will not be a pit". The most simple, for example, believe that people will drink, can drink people will know that one hundred or two hundred of the wine with four hundred or five hundred, seven hundred or eight hundred of the wine, is not the same. Although it is wine, but the fact that the evaluation is not the same!
In the pursuit of perfection, both want the customer, the third kind of pursuit should be the most suitable solution! About the price, the use of similar products, the price of all products!
        Nothing is fixed, there is no fixed answer and patterns. Although as a water treatment chemicals research and development, production and sales company, although committed to reduce water consumption for customers, to maximize the customer's operating costs, improve water treatment efficiency. However, does not rule out the external challenge. And what we do is according to the customer's actual situation, carries on the analysis, and provide reasonable opinions and suggestions, how to choose, how to choose, customer, customer is the inherent mode of thinking and logical thought. And we, just do their own work, to do their own professional skills!
        The anti penetration membrane professional cleaning and sterilizing detergent purchase, if the customer ask me, I will choose the third scheme recommended to him, because I don't want to customers will later encounter more trouble, have to deal with the problem and wait for him to solve. At the same time, for customers, this will be considered a better choice than!

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