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Scale and corrosion inhibitor purchase and use method

2016-05-07 02:31:00

        In the process of the purchase of scale and corrosion inhibitor, the individual thinks that the customer needs to consider several issues:

        One, know their own situation
        Know their own situation, is to understand their own reality and the environment, not blindly choose and under the conclusion. Although it is applicable to the circulating cooling water system, it is mainly used for the comprehensive water treatment of the open type cooling water system, but not for the closed water circulating cooling water system. If the wrong direction, the deviation of the theme, buy the wrong things, only themselves to blame! Therefore, the procurement of water treatment agent scale corrosion inhibitor first step, to understand themselves, to know their situation!
        Two, understand the product overview
        Understand the product overview, a simple understanding is to understand the content of product introduction, and know that the main expression of the matter is contrary to their own, so as to more rational and effective judgment. Corrosion and scale inhibitors are suitable for the comprehensive water treatment of open cooling water system, but you are a closed cycle cooling water system, it is obviously not suitable for you! And slow corrosion and scale inhibition agent, both reverse osmosis scale inhibition, scale removal and sterilization functions in one, the features of the use of multi function makes you in a certain extent reduce reagent purchasing cost. On the other hand, it is suitable for high alkalinity and high hardness cooling water, and can provide good corrosion inhibition for carbon steel and stainless steel and copper. In the entry information, it is necessary to pay attention to the material, equipment and equipment, whether the scale and corrosion inhibitor"!
        Three, clear the use of products
        Clear the use of products, but I hope you do not buy the "wrong", we do not sell grievances"! On the one hand, do not waste your time, money and energy; on the other hand, we will corresponding reduce losses, such as the production of products into the time, technology, energy and financial resources... Though generally as customers as the first service concept, but customers purchase with our sales are with a truth, you have cost. We are not without consumption!
        It is clear that the use of corrosion and scale inhibitors, know their professional application in hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and hospitals and other small open type circulating cooling water system for scale inhibition, corrosion prevention and disinfection of water treatment. If you are not the introduction of several types of places, you can seek advice from relevant technical personnel, in order to choose their own circulating water series of drugs.

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