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It is the most effective way to use reverse osmosis membrane specific scale inhibitor

2016-05-12 21:46:34

        In order to understand how to use the reverse osmosis scale inhibitor correctly, the nature, function, scope, characteristic and so on of the special scale inhibitor are clearly known in advance. It is often said that the "zhigenzhidi"!

        Reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor function: can effectively prevent the CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4, SrSO4 and so on in the reverse osmosis membrane formation is difficult to clear the scale and sediment, thus ensuring the permeability of the reverse osmosis membrane.
        The anti permeability scale inhibitor is a special scale inhibitor for the RO system. The product is a versatile product,
        Reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor characteristics: (1) was shown to be a superior to various kinds of scale efficient scale products; keeping the reverse osmosis membrane surface cleaning; (3) with hydrolytic stability to adapt to a wide range of pH and temperature; (4) does not promote microbial growth; and can be used for various types of reverse osmosis membrane;
        Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor: appearance: clear, slightly yellow liquid; pH value: 2; specific gravity: 1.15
        Reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor use: the reverse osmosis scale inhibitor dosage is added from a relatively broad range is: the amount of products, apply their own conditions.
        <1> calculation of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor dosage: from the reverse osmosis membrane specifications, water production, control conditions, water quality and other aspects of the comprehensive consideration of the results;
        <2> use reverse osmosis membrane special scale inhibitor state: reverse osmosis scale inhibitor can be pure liquid, dilute solution to add and determine the water can be fully mixed with water.
        Aiming at the late stage of the scale inhibitor for reverse osmosis membrane, the storage of the product is a way to ensure that the use value of the reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is prolonged!
        Reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor price: the focus of concern today no longer in reverse osmosis membrane antisludging agent prices, mainly lies in the customer on the reverse osmosis antiscalant understanding, so that customers prior to the use of reverse osmosis antisludging agent to the "roots Zhide", a comprehensive understanding of. These are the premise conditions of how to use, the correct use of reverse osmosis scale inhibitors. It is like saying: do not know if it is sugar or salt, you dare to taste it? Even if you dare to try, then you can only say that the sugar is your next, is the salt you will be subject to. Similarly, the use of reverse osmosis scale inhibitors, as well as operational errors, the consequences brought about by you as you need to accept the consequences of the corresponding!
        According to the water treatment chemicals, such as reverse osmosis, it is highly flexible, special and can be "private custom" and so on, so the price is not the key and key of your choice. For example, at school, some people can skip learning, some people are orderly learning, and some people don't want to continue to learn, both subjective reasons and objective reasons, created by the results. In short, are the factors that affect the results. Therefore, the reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor price is not the main factor affecting your choice behavior, and the key is that the reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is applicable to you? Is the device available to you? Do you feel that this is the purchase of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is worth? Have you solved all the problems and confusion that you have faced in the long term? A good price, should not be prominent on the price, but in the outstanding product value!

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