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Environmental business circles which favored by capital?

2016-07-02 21:06:13

Dongjiang Environmental Protection recently issued a public notice, the actual controller Zhang Wei Yang equity premium of 27% will be transferred to large state-owned Rising company. Securities agency analysis, with tighter environmental quality assessment objectives and further integration of the environmental protection industry, high-quality private environmental companies will be more favored by the state-owned capital. Quality private environmental companies may also be introduced in the state capital to enhance overall competitiveness in the capital, resources, help PPP business development.

Environmental protection segments new round of PPP projects, sponges city, hazardous waste disposal to be optimistic

June 12 this year, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Science and other 20 ministries jointly issued a notice, in the country to start the third installment of PPP demonstration project application screening.

It is understood that the third installment of the PPP project report is divided into industry sectors according to transportation, public utilities, comprehensive development, forestry, water conservancy and environmental protection, and social and other five groups, including three groups of closely related to environmental protection.

Securities institutions analysis, the project emphasis on environmental protection industry. Meanwhile, the sponge urban construction involves a wide range of content, a high degree of attention the government is an important area of ​​investment steady growth is expected to occupy a high proportion is expected in the third installment of the pilot project. The next two to three years, the city will be a sponge and environmental protection industry sustained large-scale investment opportunities.

Earlier this year, the Oriental garden has published in-depth reports, firm sponge Transformation of Urban and hazardous waste treatment. When municipal garden project boom down, Oriental Garden water environment layout sponge trillion level city market, accumulated a large number of PPP orders.

Reported that the overall market is expected sponge urban space up to trillion level, the company formerly municipal garden business has accumulated under the relevant landscape, ecology, water conservancy and involve appropriate technical experience, through the construction of a sponge-type parks, green spaces and other cities to participate in the sponge market, the company in 2014 since December, access to water environment (including sponges city) orders reached about 40 billion yuan level. With sponge city "water ten" water environmental governance booming market, the company's future is expected to further obtain the order, this part of the 2 to 3 years, growth is expected to reach 50%.

In the hazardous waste treatment, Oriental garden through mergers and acquisitions to enter the market this high degree of prosperity. At present, the Oriental garden has acquired Shanghai to environmental protection, Wu Jinyuan Copper and solid waste, and other enterprises, overweight hazardous waste business, which has a regional monopoly Wu solid waste, with the future production capacity, revenue is expected to further improve.

China's current annual production of hazardous waste actually over 70 million tons, while actual hazardous waste treatment and disposal of hazardous waste that year accounted for only about 38% of the generation, and history has accumulated a large number of hazardous waste. However, the country approved the use of the speed and scale of the disposal is not sufficient to cope with the new historical accumulation of hazardous waste and hazardous waste from the project start to the final operation takes about three years. Therefore, professionals predict hazardous waste capacity shortage situation in the short term is difficult to change.

According to the Securities agency estimates, the annual handling of hazardous waste notch hundred billion level. Hazardous waste treatment implement qualification examination system, approved through formal channels hazardous waste disposal rate of less than 20%, and more small and medium enterprises, regulate less serious disorderly market competition. Bridging the future market qualification tightened under formal, large-scale, large-scale hazardous waste disposal business opportunities exist.

In this opportunity, DJEC recently issued a public notice, the actual controller Zhang Wei Yang premium of 27% to 6068 million shares (6.98% of total share capital) transfer to large state-owned Rising company, and the future will be further transferred 6103 shares (total share capital 7%), all shares after the completion of the transfer Rising company will become the largest shareholder.

It is understood, Rising Guangdong SASAC actual control of the company, currently has 22 one enterprise, it is actually in control of the territory of five listed companies. The Rising Dongjiang Environmental Company acquired shares, representing a focus on the layout of the state-owned capital in the field of hazardous waste treatment.

Local state-owned enterprises "Quxianjiuguo" through external expansion layout of the domestic market environmental protection

On the one hand, state-owned capital through direct acquisitions of private enterprises to enter the hazardous waste treatment and other hot field of environmental protection. On the other hand, some local state-owned enterprises to carry out "Quxianjiuguo", foreign environmental protection enterprises through mergers and acquisitions to enter the market environment.

Not long ago, environmental monitoring heat rising market, but also ushered in state-owned foreign companies in mergers and acquisitions news. China's listed companies post-Soviet Division Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "post-Soviet subjects") recently announced that the company has set up a wholly owned subsidiary in the United States, through the United States and intends to acquire a consolidated subsidiary of the world's largest environmental testing company TestAmerica100 % stake.

China Environmental Remediation Industry Alliance Secretary-General's high-Sheng analysts believe that this is the environmental protection industry a lot of international mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions is expected to amount to exceed last year's acquisition of US IST Yongqing environmental company.

Su post branch official said, mergers and acquisitions are intended to achieve the strategic layout of its global expansion, while absorbing TestAmerica advanced environmental monitoring technologies and systems, on the other hand will also help the Soviet Union to pay subjects TestAmerica while American Development into the international market, especially a surge in demand for environmental services, including China, the Asian market.

An environmental testing business person in charge said that while the United States and TestAmerica is the world's largest environmental testing business, but not out of the US market and TestAmerica, so this merger can be successful if its out of the US market will help, but overseas markets is not easy.

It is understood that TestAmerica2015年营收为 1.5 billion yuan, according to 15% of the profit margin to be considered, taking into account the level of US company earnings lower than the domestic context, four times estimated earnings, then the purchase price is expected around about 800 million yuan.

According to Su post Section 2015 earnings, the environmental sector, the Soviet Union to pay Section will further develop environmental monitoring and remediation capabilities, increase investment in research and development, environmental monitoring, water and air pollution, contaminated sites, ecological restoration, and actively explore municipal sewage business development PPP model. The company will accelerate the exploration of the development of smart city, intelligent transportation, underground space development business; new materials business to accelerate the pace of industrial development; conduct BIM, 3D collaborative design and other research.

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