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Competition: to compete in the foreign giants

2016-07-13 21:56:12

        Whether it is from the industry prospects and growth trends, the water content can be associated with the value of wind power and other concepts par. "Green + high tech" banner appears to make people more willing to believe that water stocks worthy of higher earnings. In the urban water supply growth gradually stabilized and price increases optimistic expectations, Water management and profitability continuity and stability will not be fluctuating too much. Thus, domestic water giant in recent years have started taking.

        At present, China's water development has shifted to small and medium cities compete for the project from the big city projects, competition from domestic companies and domestic companies, turned to domestic competition and domestic firms, domestic firms and foreign companies, foreign companies and foreign companies. Especially in recent years, international water giants join, competition in the industry to upgrade the heat.
        Since 2002, the state allows foreign investment in the water industry since China Water optimistic future prospects abroad Eaux relying on "investment-led operation" mode of staking their claims tested. In recent years, Veolia Water has the transferee to 1.71 billion yuan of net assets of Lanzhou Water Supply Group 45% stake; to 953 million yuan to obtain 49% stake in Haikou Water Group and 21.8 million acquisition price of only 7 Assessment million yuan in Tianjin City, North water Co. 49% of state-owned shares; Sino-French water in 2007 to 895 million yuan Yangzhou winning project in 2009, and the harvest of Tianjin mustard Park project.
        In addition, domestic water listed companies intensify integration. Not long ago, rumors Wuhan Holdings is expected to eligible local injection of water supply pipe network assets, shares hear of the sky. Then, yesterday, Hong Seong water industry announcement to draw water to the acquisition of additional assets owned by the largest shareholder after the acquisition of listed companies will have a complete water treatment industry chain, which will help boost competitiveness.
        Cake: The space was large and attractive
        Water is an industry with good prospects for the development of green resources industry, with the need for economic development and people's living standards improve, water and electricity, water and other industries will become increasingly strong, there is a huge potential market. GF Securities researcher Xie Jun said that from the perspective of the amount of sewage treatment, sewage treatment capacity accordingly Estimation "five-second" period will reach about 50 billion cubic meters, assuming that the operating load rate of 75%, and the corresponding total processing capacity should be close to 190 million m3 / day. In addition to the existing basis, new sewage treatment capacity of close to 30 million m3 / day.
        In addition, many analysts believe that the recycled water business Water will become a new growth point. Recycled water, refers to the sewage treated properly, certain water quality objectives, meet certain requirements, you can re-use circulating water. "Recycled water market is good at water stress and lack of per capita water situation, develop recycled water business is very important." Guoxin Securities analyst Xie Dacheng believe that the current first shares and entrepreneurial environment are related to the recycled water business, but shares are relatively small and large market potential.
        It is reported that China sewage recycling rate is still quite low, if the urban recycling capacity to reach 6.8 million m3 / day basis, sewage treatment capacity accounted for only about 10%. If you press the developed countries, wastewater reuse rate of 70%, the country there are nearly 150 million m3 of renewable water resources can be developed utilizing a year.


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