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Town Yangtze River Basin wastewater treatment costs should be included in the national special financial transfer payment

2016-07-20 22:59:27

        According to the research shows that in Southern Yangtze River near the county a total of 15 towns (street), five towns (streets) adjacent to the county, the nearest incorporated town sewage wastewater treatment, and the remaining 10 towns were built sewage treatment station. Where: There are four through acceptance, but only one can try to run, and the remaining three for various reasons, can not function properly; another six just completed the main engineering and equipment installation, pipeline construction is lagging behind due to financial or non-pipe network construction , sewage can not access the sewage treatment station, just like ornaments.

        To sum up, the township sewage treatment plant construction and operation of the main problems of the following five areas:

        First, debt investment, towns are not enthusiastic. In the above County as an example, the county's 10 towns sewage treatment station with minimal investment (including network) 120 million, the largest investment of 5.1 million yuan, the debt ratio of 100%, less than 80 million of debt, and more debt more than 300 million. The financial county township sewage treatment plant construction generally in accordance with auditing 25% of invested funds were subsidies, the central, provincial and municipal funding grants no clear standard, even with subsidies but the amount of money is small. Therefore, township sewage treatment plant construction enthusiasm is not high, there is a perfunctory phenomenon.

        Second, the sewage treatment plant and pipeline construction site is not standardized, the impact of sewerage. Some of the town due to the construction taking into account the higher cost of sewage lift stations, and large expenses running late, running late to save costs, the construction of sewage treatment plant in the low-lying area, with sewage by gravity into the sewage treatment plant, but summer storms season, often flooded sewage treatment station overall situation; some consideration to the latter town wastewater treatment operating costs, intends to reduce the sewage pipe network construction, it should be connected to the sewage pipe network without access, resulting in sewage collection rate, has not yet reached less than 50 percent of the town's sewage; the vast majority of the town sewer network have not been isolated, seasonal effects rainwater sewerage.

        Third, high operating costs of sewage treatment, towns can not afford. Township sewage treatment cost per cubic meter at about 1 yuan, a year the town sewage treatment fee of about 150,000 to 200,000 (excluding management salaries). Although the state of sewage treatment fees related policies and regulations, "before the end of 2016, the county, key towns residents per tonne should be adjusted to not less than 0.85 yuan, in principle, non-residents is not less than 1.2 yuan" (NDRC Price [2015 ] No. 119). But this policy in the township difficult to implement fairly large sewage treatment costs have to be borne by the local finance in full, resulting in some town sewerage incomplete, sewage processing time and other "cutting corners" phenomenon.

        Fourth, the sewage treatment station no land targets, leaving many hidden dangers. Most villages and towns without land targets, land for construction of sewage treatment station to take a more "buy" long-term lease or collected rents and other forms to obtain a direct impact on sewage treatment station acceptance (acceptance to land acquisition procedures), while the surrounding villagers planted wrangling risks.

        Fifth, no professional management, operating results can not be guaranteed. Township sewage treatment stations were equipped with professional management personnel, community leaders from the town cadres or part-time management, daily management devices only remain in the "on" and "off", the operation quality and treatment effect is difficult to guarantee.

        Between township sewage treatment plant construction are not enthusiastic, sewage treatment plant construction and operation of non-standard, narrow sewerage surface, sewage treatment costs higher factors, township sewage treatment plant is not functioning sewage straight row phenomenon is very prominent, seriously affecting Yangtze River Basin water Resources.

        For this reason, it is recommended:

        First, the state has increased the Yangtze River Valley town sewage treatment plant construction, operational funds, especially in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River to increase the economically underdeveloped areas of town sewage treatment plant construction and operating funds subsidies, sewage treatment plant construction and operation costs into the central government special transfer payments, reducing stress township sewage treatment funding, improve the enthusiasm of the township sewage treatment plant construction, operation and management.

        Second, increase policy support, giving priority to land targets. Department of Homeland township sewage treatment plant construction land should be given special land targets, to solve the bottleneck site sewage treatment plant.

        Third, the environmental agency will be extended to towns, villages and towns listed in the establishment of the Governing Body, additional staffing, in order to enhance environmental management capabilities, standardized management of sewage treatment station. Township sewage treatment and to provide technical support to ensure that the Yangtze River Valley town sewage discharge standards.

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